Drupal 9 Website Building Guide

Hi Reader. I am writing this website building guide for everyone who is trying to learn Drupal 9, know about out of box features and use all this knowledge in their Drupal project. I know drupalabc.xyz isn't a very popular website yet, but trust me you wouldn't be dissappointed after reading about how to use Drupal 9 from here. I will try to explain whatever i will explore and will write it in my own words. I don't want this guide to be strictly counted in learning material or something that type. I will intentionaly deviate from the topic have your attention back. 

Most of the time problems can be solved by just doing the write configuration in Drupal. Sometimes we end up writing large chunks of code just to get a feature that was already available in Drupal either out of the box or provided by some contributed module. In this Drupal website building guide, I am going to completely explore the features of Drupal and some of the important contributed modules, so that it is easier for web developers to build a feature easily and not spend time in an already solved problem. But if your client pays per hour and writing custom code for feature which already exists helps in increasing the billable hours, do not hesisate to go custom.

Let's start without wasting much time. I have installed Acquia Dev Desktop to quickly set up the latest version of Drupal 9 in my local system and I am ready to install a new instance of Drupal. I'll try to keep everything in points so that it is much easier and effortless to understand the features of Drupal. 


Website setup in Acquia Dev Desktop